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Science Museum

Science Museum

The Science Museum’s world-class collection forms an enduring record of scientific, technological and medical advancement from across the globe.

Centuries of continuing scientific and technological  development lie in the heart of the Science Museum’s massive collections.  The hardware displayed is magnificent: from steam engines to aeroengines; spacecraft to the very first mechanical computers. Equally important is the social context of science – what discoveries and inventions mean for day-today life- and the process of discovery itself.

The museum is spread over 5 floors and includes the high-tech Welcome Wing at its western end. The basement features excellent hands-on galleries for children, including The Garden. The Energy Hall dominates the ground floor and is dedicated to steam power, with the still-operational Harle Syke Mill Engine of 1903. Here too are Exploring Space and Making the Modern World, a highlight of which is the display of the scarred Apollo 10 spacecraft, which carried three astronauts to the moon and back in May 1969.

In Challenge of Materials, on the first floor, our expectations of materials are confounded by exhibits such as a bridge made of glass and a steel wedding dress, while the renovated Medicine Galleries chart some of the most extraordinary achievements  in the world of medicine over the last 400 years.

The Flight Gallery on the third floor is packed with early flying contraptions, fighter planes, aeroplanes and the Launchpad.

The Welcome Wing offers four floors of interactive technology, including “Who Am I ?” (first floor) a fascinating exhibition exploring the science on you. With an IMAX 3D cinema and the SimEx simulator ride, it is a breathtaking addition to the museum.

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"The massive collections of scientific and technological development"

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