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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

The final resting place of 17th of Britain’s monarchs and numerous political and cultural icons, the glorious Gothic Westminster Abbey is stunning setting for coronations, royal marriages and Christian worship.

Within the abbey walls are some of the best examples of medieval architecture in London and one of the most impressive collections of tombs and monuments in the world. The first abbey church was established in the 19th century by St Dunstan and a group of Benedictine monks.

The present structure dates largely from 13th century; the new French-influenced design was begun in 1245 at the behest of Henry III. The abbey has been the fittingly sumptuous setting for all royal coronations since 1066.

The interiors presence a diverse array of architectural and sculptural styles, from the austere French Gothic on the nave to the riotous 18th century monuments. The latest edition is 2018 Weston Tower, which provides access to the triforium and its Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries, packed with historical treasures.

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    culture, Sightseeing
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    London, Board Sanctuary SW1.
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    St. James Park, Westminster

"Stunning setting for coronations, royal marriages and Christian worship."

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