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Ironbridge Gorge

Ironbridge Gorge

A World Heritage Sight, Ironbridge Gorge was one of the most important centres of the Industrial Revolution. The use of iron in bridges, ships and buildings transformed Ironbridge Gorge into one of the world’s great iron-making centers.

The Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage property covers an area of 5.5 km2 and is located in Telford, Shropshire. The Industrial Revolution had its 18th century roots in the Ironbridge Gorge and spread worldwide leading to some of the most far-reaching changes in human history.

Industrial decline in the 20th century led to the Gorge’s decay, but today it has been restored as an exciting complex of industrial history, with several museums strung along the scenic wooded banks of the River Severn. The property contains substantial remains of mines, pit mounds, spoil heaps, foundries, factories, workshops, warehouses, iron masters’ and workers’ housing, public buildings, infrastructure, and transport systems, together with the traditional landscape and forests of the Severn Gorge.

Will be interested to visit:

  • Blists Hill Victorian Town

This enormous open-air museum recreates Victorian life in an east Shropshire coalfield town. Here, people in period costume perform tasks such as iron forging. The site has period housing, a church and Victorian school. The highlight of Blists Hill as a complete foundry that still produces wrought iron. Other attractions include steam engines, a chemist, a candle-makers and a sweetshop.

  • Museum of the Gorge

This Victorian building is home to the Museum of the Gorge and has displays illustrating the history of the Severn and the development of the water industry. The highlight of the museum is a wonderful 12-m model of the Gorge  as it would have appeared in 1796, complete with foundries cargo boats and lovely growing villages. 

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    England, Shropshire, Telford

"Complex of industrial history, with museums strung along the River Severn"

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