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The Cotswolds Distillery

The Cotswolds Distillery

The Cotswolds is full of rich history, stunning scenery, charming old towns, and now Outstanding Natural Spirits as well. The Cotswolds Distillery is the first full-scale distillery in the Cotswolds, which craft a range of single malt whiskies, gins and liqueurs, including the award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin and Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky.

The Cotswolds Distillery is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside, producing Outstanding Natural Spirits since 2014.

Here you will find a range of distillery experiences, from award-winning Tour & Tastings to blending your own gin or whisky:

  • Tour & Testing. The tour begins with a short video which highlights Cotswolds Distillery story and traditional production methods. Shortly after, you will be taken around distillery where you’ll be able to see (and smell!) the processes in action. At the end of the tour, you'll get to sample of spirits and liqueurs. 
  • Gin Blending Masterclass. The class begins with a welcome Cotswolds Cloudy G&T on arrival, whilst your host will talk you through the history of gin and explain how this juniper flavoured spirit is made. You’ll then be taken on a tour of the distillery and shown around research and development lab. Then, before blending your gin, you will nose and taste a variety of botanicals and distillates, ranging from fruity to spicy botanicals. You can mix the distillates as you wish, so you can be sure the final product will be your very own, personalised gin. Once you’ve mastered your recipe, your host will use their expert knowledge to help you create a unique perfect serve which you can sip on afterwards. 
  • Whisky Blending Masterclass. The class begins with a welcome Highball whisky cocktail on arrival, whilst your host will talk you through the history of whisky and the Cotswolds Distillery story. Then you will be taken on a guided tour around the distillery and into the warehouse, where you’ll learn all about the magic of whisky maturation, including the different types of barrels that used to age whiskies and what flavours they impart.
    After gaining an insight into the whisky making process, your host will give you an introduction on how to nose whisky before you smell and taste the four cask strength samples aged in different barrels. Once you’ve decided on the flavour profile you’d like to create, then you blend your own whisky using the different cask samples. 

You can as well participate in different masterclasses & tastings such as, Cocktail Masterclasses, Virtual Whisky / Gin Tasting Experience.

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"Full-scale distillery in the Cotswolds, which craft whiskies, gins and liqueurs"

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