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Dover - the key to England

Dover - the key to England

Although Dover is surprisingly small town, but it is one of the busiest ferry ports in Europe and important travel hub. Most people come here to visit 2 main attractions: Dover Castle -astonishingly imposing defensive complex that has protected the English Coast for more than 2000 years and the legendary White Cliffs – a beautiful barrier for potential invaders.

Dover’s proximity to European mainland makes it the leading port for cross-Channel travel. As the first and the last sight of England for travellers throughout the centuries , the White Cliffs of Dover play a complex role in the English psyche. A symbol on national fortitude, independence and pride, they have long represented a barrier for potential invaders. Cliffs are stretching 16 miles (25km) along the coast from Kingsdown to Folkestone and towering 350 ft (106 meters) high in places. Much of the cliffs lie within the Kent Downs Area and with their chalk grasslands home to an exceptional number of rare plants, butterflies and migrant birds. Best of all is to take a walk along the cliffs, on a clear day it’s even possible to catch a glimpse of France.

Due to Dover’s strategic position and large natural harbour town  has played a key role in the nation’s defense.Standing sentinel over the narrowest stretch of the English Channel, Dover Castle is often called the “Key to England” due to it’s defensive role in the country’s past. Dover Castle helped defend the town from 1198 right up to World War II, when it was used as command post for Dunkirk evacuation.

Once meant to deter foreigners, the castle now draws  visitors from across the world, who come to explore the tall keep, Roman lighthouse and chalk-hewn wartime tunnels - castle’s most popular attractions is it’s network of a secret wartime tunnels, dug during the Napoleonic Wars and extended during World War II.

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"Once meant to deter foreigners, Dover now draws visitors from across the world"

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