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Canterbury - pilgrimage site

Canterbury - pilgrimage site

The beautiful city of a Canterbury has been a major Christian pilgrimage site for the last 900 years, since the building of its glorious cathedral in 1070 and the martyrdom of Thomas Becket a century later. Here in 597 Anglo -Saxons converted to Christianity. The town soon became the center of the Christian Church in England.

Canterbury offers a rich slice through 2000 years of English history, with its Roman and early Christian heritage. It is a rewarding place to spend a couple of days, with important historic sights and peaceful riverside walks. Most of the things you will want to see in Canterbury, including the famous Cathedral are minutes away from each other, just in a short walk outside the wall you will see key historical sights – St. Augustine’s Abbey and St. Martin Church – possibly the oldest church still in use in the English-speaking world. 

Anglo- Saxons were settled in Canterbury after Roman leaving. It was the Saxon king who welcomed in the 6th-century Italian monk Augustine to reintroduce Christianity to the south of England. It was he who established in Canterbury the first Cathedral in England.

Canterbury Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Church of England, it is not maybe the country’s most impressive architecturally, but it lords over the city with a befitting sense of authority. A cathedral has stood here since the 6th-century but the building you see today owes more to Norman archbishop Lanfranc, who in 1070 rebuilt the place after a huge fire. The cathedral became an enormously important pilgrimage center after the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket here in 1170.

Canterbury Cathedral, St. Augustine’s Abbey and St. Martin Church comprise UNESCO’s Canterbury World Heritage Site. They are a must -see for those who are interested in the history of Christianity in England. 


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"The town where Christianity in South England began"

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