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Exeter- an ancient city

Exeter- an ancient city

Devon’s Capital, Exeter is built high on plateau above the River Exe. The city is encircled by substantial sections of Roman and medieval walls.

Exeter is an ancient city on the River Exe in southwest England. Dating back to the Roman era, the Exeter City Walls surround its centre and Gothic Exeter Cathedral.

The Cathedral Church of ST Pete is one of the most gloriously ornamented cathedrals in Britain. Except for the two Norman towers, it dates mainly to the 14th  century and is built in the style known as Decorated due to the swirling geometric patterns of the stonework.

The West Front of Cathedral, the largest single collection of medieval sculptures in England, includes kings, apostles and prophets.

Among the  tombs around the choir is that of Edward II’s treasure, Walter de Stapledon (1261-1326), who was murdered by a mob London.

A tour of the cathedral’s roof affords spectacular citywide views and allows visitors to see the elaborate clock mechanism.

The family-friendly Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery has a wonderfully varied collection , including Roman remains, a zoo of stuffed animals, West Country art and a particularly good ethnographic display, including a Samurai warrior.

You can discover the city’s past in the fun, interactive Making History gallery and the Finders Keepers display explores the morality of collecting and the story behind the artifacts.

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"Ancient city on the River Exe, dating back to the Roman Era"

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