Page 8

There is something decidedly intellectual about Page 8's unique minimalist no-frills luxury and we love it.
Trafalgar Square, London

Page 8

Trafalgar Square, London

There is something decidedly intellectual about Page 8, a simplicity that belies it’s sophistication with effortless confidence. They seem to be sure they know exactly what you need and provide exactly that.

There are many hotels that try to give you everything you could ever dream of or imagine; this is not one of them. Page 8 only gives you what you immediately need from a city centre hotel in London and nothing more, but this they do exceptionally well. If this leaves you a little perplexed at first, don’t worry it will start to make sense very quickly. The location is envious, with Lord Nelson himself keeping a quiet and discreet eye on the goings on, St Martin’s in the Fields church is right next door.

The rooms may not be flamboyant, but they are discreetly of exceptional quality, and maybe that is a little bit like yourself. No need to show off, your confident in your ability after all. And perhaps that’s what this hotel is all about, what it does it executes extremely well giving you exactly what you wanted. So if at first this hotel appears no-frills make no mistake it is no-frills luxury version. And when all things are considered, in the centre of London did you really want for anything else that a comfortable, immaculately made bed, plugs and USB sockets right where you need them, a window with a view and of course perhaps the very best coffee and smashed avocado toast you could wish for.


At a glance

  • Intellectual minimalist no-frills luxury
  • The best coffee in this part of London
  • Immaculately presented
  • Wonderful central location near Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square


Page 8 occupies a period building that rubs shoulders with St Martin’s in the Fields church, the National Gallery and several embassies. It would be a mistake to describe it as no-frills because that was the intention of the designers, minimalist luxury without any of the hipster hotel showing off. Everything is in its place, where you need when you need it. And nothing more. But luxurious it is, and we love this simplicity and dedication to purpose which results in an extraordinary quality.
"There is something decidedly intellectual about Page 8's unique minimalist no-frills luxury and we love it."
Alistair (Luxscapia CEO)

Food & Drink

Page 8 Coffee House

If you are going to do only a few things, the benefit is that you can do them very well. Page 8 is almost evangelical about their coffee and the intellectual healthy but tasty snack culture that accompany it. Think smashed avocado toast followed by Tiramisu. It’s limited but refined.

In the Area

St Martin’s Place is an attractive square that is home to Page 8 and historic St Martin’s in Fields Church. Opposite is Trafalgar Square whilst behind lies that ever popular Covent Garden.

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