The Mandrake

Welcome to the Mandrake, you have arrived somewhere truly unique.
Fitzrovia, London

The Mandrake

Fitzrovia, London

The Mandrake is a disruptor on the London hotel scene; rarely do we see a hotel concept that changes everything, and this is one of them. The luxury lifestyle hotel concept is something born out of the decadence of Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles, yet here in London it has found a willing and able audience.

On the surface a luxury lifestyle hotel appears a decadent place, where socialites party, forty somethings try to remember their youth and fifty somethings enjoy it but feel strangely out of place. Well that's not entirely the case, in fact the idea is that these are places that locals and visitors can form their lifestyles around, whoever they are so long as they are prepared to be part of the lifestyle. Somewhere to meet like minded people and exchange ideas, news or even business. Yes there is a lively evening entertainment program but there is also a spiritual well being concierge. Detoxification and consciousness is as important as intoxication.

When it comes to the accommodation on offer, the rooms and suites are quite literally a world apart. Think boudoirs of whatever you want them to be, and whatever that is you can rest assured that the luxury, elegance and style is at the pinnacle of what you will find in London, if not any capital city in the world.


At a glance

  • Luxury lifestyle hotel
  • 4 bars & restaurant centre around the YOPO Restaurant
  • Decadently designed rooms and suites
  • Spiritual lifestyle concierge & well being experiences
  • Entertainment program with live DJ's & musical performance
  • Social hub of London's fashion & entertainment community


Where to start with describing this magical oasis, harem and luxury hotel all in one? As befits the magical name, this magical place is multi-faceted to the point of being a paradox. Pure decadence of course needs a balance in contemporary luxury and the vibrant social spaces of the hotel live harmoniously alongside some of the most calming and nurturing hotel suites we've experienced in London.
"Welcome to the Mandrake, you have arrived somewhere truly unique."
Alistair (Luxscapia CEO)

Food & Drink


Al Fresco dining in a secret lush garden with overgrown Jasmine in the heart of London. Serves Mexican inspired cuisine and ethnobiological cocktails

The Oshun Cabana

Surrounded by the lush garden of Jurema, The Oshun Cabana is a private dining venue.

The Courtyard

The social heart of the Mandrake, the place of beginnings and endings to great occasions.

YOPO Restaurant

Fusion cuisine inspired by the flavours and traditions of South American. A taste journey through Argentina, Chile and Peru.

In the Area

Tucked away in deceptively calm Fitrovia, this luxury lifestyle hotel finds a perfect home amidst the media and advertising capital of Europe. Head north towards the calm of Regent's Park or south to the excitement of Soho.

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