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Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden has been proudly exhibiting contemporary sculpture in a unique and magical environment for over 36 years. Throughout the years, the overriding theme is the powerful relationship between art and nature. Neither one outshines the other: every piece is placed in harmony with its surrounding to create an amazing synergy within the environment.

The Sculpture Garden was the brainchild of owner and original curator Hannah Peschar 36 years ago, and has grown from a handful of sculptures to over 200 pieces exhibited every summer.

What is unique here - artists come from across Britain and Europe to exhibit their work in these breathtaking surroundings, allowing their sculptures to be seen in a whole new way.

The Garden used to be part of a large estate, laid out between 1915 and 1920. Later it was split up and sold in several lots. Over the past 40 years the garden has been redesigned and replanted by award-winning landscape designer Anthony Paul. At the end of 2015  Hannah Peschar stepped back to allow a new pairing of curators to add their stamp to the Sculpture Garden. Anthony Paul and curator Vikki Leedham have assembled the following year's collections, giving a new lease of life to the Garden.

What will you see in The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden? A secret forest of lofty mature trees, giant ferns and towering broadleaf plants.

If you follow winding, mossy paths and cross footbridges you will discover modern sculptures hidden among the gain ferns, dangling from branches, or standing along in glades. Some, made of weather-battered wood, or cool green and brown marble, look as if they have grown from the soil, while others, constructed from steel, cement and fiberglass, make a striking contrast with the organic world around them.

The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden is garden lovers paradise.

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    Black & White Cottage Standon Lane Ockley - Surrey RH5 5QU
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    April-October, Thursday – Saturday 11am-6 pm, Sunday 12noon-5pm

"Garden lovers paradise with powerful relationship between art and nature"

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